Beach Wheelchair with Rear Swivel Wheels

Beach Wheelchair with ROLLEEZ Rear Swivel Wheels

$1,789.00 $1,089.00


Product Description

This model of your pvc beach wheelchair is made with 4 large (2 XL) Rolleez wheels made to withstand the roughest conditions and the deepest beach sugar sand! These wheels are capable of holding 250lbs and are non-corrosive and will not puncture! This model has swivel rear Rolleez and can turn completely around in place. If you need a PVC wheelchair for the beach with endless options you have come to the right place!

* 41″H x 34.5″W x 41″D
* Seat height 25″
* 250 lb. capacity
* wheels are non-corrosive and will not puncture
* patented balloon wheels will roll over Sand, Dirt, Snow, Rocks, etc
* Swivel casters in back for easy steering
* Umbrella, mesh bag and cushion included